We understand how fast business moves in Toronto's financial core, and our entire staff has made it our mission to move faster! With over twenty years experience in the courier industry, our management team is highly effective in developing solutions for shipping urgent packages either around the corner or across the globe. Using state of the art technology to optimize communication between ourselves, our couriers and you - knowing important details pertaining to your packages has never been easier. 

Our professional couriers reflect positively both on your business and ours. Our uniformed couriers are not paid on commission or by the number of packages delivered per day. This means they can focus on service and client experience without concern for their compensation. Providing our couriers with a consistent pay structure creates a harmonious and positive working environment - trust us, you'll notice a difference! 

With our sales and operation office located at The Exchange Tower and our billing office located at the corner of University and Adelaide, we are just around the corner and a always a few steps away. 
We look forward to revolutionizing the way you ship.   ​

Leaders in Courier.

20 years of logistical  experience



non-commissioned couriers

Bonded and Insured


Tower Direct Courier Inc.        

Billing Office

157 Adelaide Street W, Suite 500

Toronto, ON M5H 4E7


Tower Direct Courier Inc.        

Sales/Operations Office

The Exchange Tower,

130 King Street West, 18th Floor

Toronto, ON M5X 1E3            

Tel 416.825.8285          

Fax 416.981.3444