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Tower Direct Courier Inc.        

Sales/Operations Office

The Exchange Tower,

130 King Street West, 18th Floor

Toronto, ON M5X 1E3            

Tel 416.825.8285          

Fax 416.981.3444  


Express Envelopes

  • 1O:3Oam* Next Day Express Service

  • Unlimited envelope weight

  • No minimums 

  • No contracts  


Tower Direct Courier Inc.        

Billing Office

157 Adelaide Street W, Suite 500

Toronto, ON M5H 4E7

 *See Terms and Conditions

Save 60-70% on Next Day Shipping, GUARANTEED! 

10:30am* Next Day

Same Day Direct & 3-Hour Service

Ship direct to any address in the Downtown Core, the GTA, Ontario or Quebec using our Same Day services. Faster and more reliable than any other courier in the city, our Same Day Services is all you need to ship your most urgent and important packages.

Downtown Core Delivery Area: Spadina Ave to Jarvis St. / Queen St. W to Lake Ontario.

Same Day Direct Delivery Area: GTA, Ontario, Quebec.

Guaranteed NEXT DAY delivery to over 200 Countries Worldwide.

Our model is simple. We pick-up only from companies located in Toronto's Financial Core and deliver across the globe. Eliminating the major expenses associated with coordinating disorderly and widespread pick-ups has allowed us to reduce our internal operating costs and offer the best pricing in the industry. By operating on an efficiency maximization model, we help you save on every shipment.